Thursday, 23 July 2009

Discography - Compilations

* A Taste of Tea (Tea Records cassette) 1993, includes They Slept in Darkness.

* An Assortment (Cherry Red cdmred 107). Five-track v/a featuring Screws (demo) and PDF (Crate version) 1994.

* Volume 12 - Winter 94 (12VCD12) 1994. 18-track CD includes Visa for Violet and Van. See also: Volume 12 interview.

* Volume 14 - Reading 95 Special (14VCD14) 1995. 36-track double CD includes Move to Limit Slabs. See also: Volume 14 interview.

* Ashtray Heart - a 'sorted label compilation' (sorted srcd1) 1995. 18 tracks including: Irritating Dub by Prolapse and Tres Cabaret by Cha Cha 2000.
Notes: On Irritating Dub, Scottish Mick's dad and his pals share vocals. They recorded them in a booth in Birmingham in the 1960s and they were dubbed onto the track.

* Each Pillow Is Tethered Like a Rock (Sorted Records cassette) 1996. Includes TCR (American Mix).
Notes: This was allegedly only available by going to the Durham Ox pub on Bowling Green Street in Leicester and drinking ten different malt whiskies.

* The Camden Crawl II (pube 12 Love Train Recordings) 1996. 21-track compilation features T.C.R. (remix). Includes tracks by Jack, Sneaker Pimps, the Delgados, Urusei Yatsura, Moby and more.

* Ambitious? (CD) (C & S Records) 1996. Includes Serpico.

* Femme Fatale – Volume 1 (Dressed to Kill) 1997. Includes Chill Blown.

* Grrrl Power: A History of Women in Popular Music (3xCD) (Dressed to Kill) 1997. Includes Chill Blown.

* Collision Damage Waiver (Rebellious Jukebox Records). 16-track CD free with Totally Wired no. 27, features demo of Cacophony No. A.

* UK Rock Manifesto (Warner Japan) 1998. Includes Autocade.

* Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History (Kill Rock Stars) 1999. Compilation of in-studio performances on Portland's KBOO-FM, features Cacophany #A.

* Delicatessen One: 18 Delicious Creations From the Cooking Vinyl Kitchen (Cooking Vinyl) 2000. Includes Adiabatic.

* Cooking Vinyl In Rockdelux (Sinedín Music) 2000. CD includes

* Havock Junction (Sorted Records) compilation, 2001. CD features two unreleased Prolapse tracks: Murdered by Killers #1 and Dunblane Hydro, plus extracts from the tour diary they did for Mary Ann Hobbs' Radio One show.

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