Thursday, 23 July 2009

Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc

"The male singer in Prolapse has one of those thick-ass Glaswegian homicidal maniac accents that scares me shitless. Even something innocuous like 'Have you got a cigarette' tends to be transformed by my paranoid synapses into 'What ye looking at, ye southern jess, I'll fook ya, och ay de noo'. Prolapse shows however are a mixture of stand-up comedy and wicked-ass revved-up freako pop-music with more sharp edges then...erm... a very sharp-edged thing. Prolapse's trick is to employ a kind of simplicity based on repetition and groove, with two guitars hammering on one chord while the bass and drums provide minimal embellishment. This all provides a handy background for the dual-attack singing, ranting and squawking that tumbles around their songs. One chord songs are definitely where it's at. Great fuckin' band."

- disclaimer, issue one

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