Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pointless Walks to Dismal Places

(sleeve notes)

"Sweat pouring down his face get ready to take over the mantle underhand operations clean up the precinct then back to the wife admit that youre part of it youre free to go ive stole your keys get out try and leave and live without me but you dont seem to remember corporate hospitality featureless enemy skirts that get me all that way valuable strip tease poke and stir nothing there obsessed with glossy magazines valuable miracle this suit wont contain me for much longer my enemy do i terrify? Dying is an art aboard the ark take a trip past the pyramids the ladies skirts the rouge the hair dont try to find out why i cut it with the panama canal youre on your own. watched you sleep wanted to wake you and tell you to leave i cant explain just feels wrong never really happy with my last approach carrying the can one horse coming up keeping up eating up beat motel cruising round flying round never coming back faster faster faster and i always end up headless dancing in big pomegranates camels sitting at the bottom of a cliff boredom one of the most overrated emotions the sky is mad of bubbles nothing stirring suddenly a complete feeling of intense the skys on fire the hills on fire people eating people and dogs eating people bags of bones eating people ness personal feelings never come in a skeleton ringing a bell on a hill someone hanging from the gallows."


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