Thursday, 23 July 2009

Discography - Singles

Crate: Songs for Ella (7" only cherry 128), 1994

1 Psychotic Now
2 p.d.f. (pete de freitas)
3 Screws
4 Kilometrica Banca

Pull Thru Barker (cherry red cd cherry 133) subtitled Songs for Grandpops Manterfield, 1994

1 Pull Thru Barker:
2 Dirge
3 They Slept in Darkness
4 E.O.P.O. (end of part one)

Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc (cherry red cd cherry 135), 1994

1 Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc (concise version)
2 Pile Tent
3 Muscovite Parricide Song
4 Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc

'Pull Thru Barker is a real feller who got that nick-name in the army for his utter skinniness, so says Mick's dad.'

'You leave me and I'll scratch your eyes out' is nicked off and dedicated to the Shop Assistants (RIP).

When Space Invaders Were Big/ Love Like Anthrax (cherry red cherry 136), 1995
7" limited edition. (Space Invaders from Peel session, Anthrax is a Gang of Four cover.)

T.C.R./ Irritating Radiator, 1995
7" limited edition on Love Train (pube 06)

Flexed/Unroad Kill (lissy's 12"), 1996

'Unroad Kill was made up for a live radio broadcast in Portland, Oregon. Flexed is a remix. You could dance to it, but you probably wouldn't.'

Killing The Bland (radar scancs24), 1997

1 Killing the Bland
2 Move to Limit Slabs
3 Snappy Horse
4 Fear of Teeth

Also available as two 7" singles. Snappy Horse/Fear of Teeth was available as limited edition from the Prolapse Information service

Autocade (radar scancs26), 1997

1 Autocade
2 Testation
3 Autocade (Didactic feral control)
4 Pro-Loop

Also available as two 7" singles

Deanshanger (radar scncs27), 1998
1 Deanshanger
2 Liquid Compliment
3 Diamonds o' Monte Carlo
4 (Deanshanger) Carlo Rama Remix (frycd 081), 2000
2 Marconi's Wife
3 Hairdryer

Split singles

* The Sorted ep (srs003), 1995. A four-track 7" with P.D.F (demo version) by Prolapse, Bachelor Party by Fish from Tahiti, Burnt out Ken by Gonzo Salvage Company and Precious Cargo by the Mighty Silence.

* Warped Reality. A flexi single free with the 4th issue of this American fanzine. Featured Psychotic Now - version from Crate, backed with a track by His Name is Alive.

* Easter Egg-splosion, a 6-track 7" (Basketcase records flop 02), 1995
Flippity side: Soldier Field by Elevate, Butterfly by Bob Tilton, Sweet Dreams by Snuff. Floppity Side: Kung Fu on the Internet by Lung Leg, Extra Plus (33.3% extra free) by Quickspace Supersport, Headless in a Beat Motel by Prolapse. This is a live version recorded at the Sausage Machine on 29 May 95. 'It took 73 takes to get that Bacharach and David sound just right.'

* Shared Stereo (co-op) Four-track single featuring Akin to the Weasel.

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