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Ludd Gang

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Interview with Tim Pattison in issue 7 of The Fall fanzine, early 97

Graham C: What is the history of your Fall covers group 'Ludd Gang'?

Tim Pattison: Ludd Gang was the fruition of about three years drunken talk around various pubs in Leicester. So far we've only played one gig, at the Pump and Tap in Leicester, supporting the Council. The line up was: me on drums, Johnny from Kooky Monster on bass, Zak from the K Stars and Neil from the Council both singing and guitars; a sort of two Marc Rileys and no MES type of Fall. If I can remember rightly the set was: Jawbone and the Air Rifle, Totally Wired, The Man Whose Head Expanded, Glam-Racket, Elves, Industrial Estate, New Face in Hell.

GC: Are there any plans for more gigs, recordings...

TP: There will definitely be another gig some time. Ludd Gang may put a track on a Leicester bands compilation CD which will also feature the bands the other members are in. Prolapse certainly don't have any plans to record Fall stuff, there are enough comparisons to start with.

GC: Come on then, favourite Fall songs.

TP: Too many to name but I will anyway. Jawbone and the Air Rifle, New Face in Hell, Hip Priest, Backdrop, Wings, Hexen Definitive/Strife Knot, Lay of the Land, What you Need, R.O.D., Gross Chapel, Australians in Europe, Athlete Cured, Big New Prinz, Sing! Harpy, War, It's a Curse.

GC: Are you an 80s Fall fan then?

TP: As you can probably tell from the list I don't like the recent stuff as much. I don't know if it's me that's changing or them. Personally I think the last great album they made was Extricate. Whether that was thanks to Mr Bramah I don't know. I think the determination to do an album every year has its price, witness four-track singles with every track being on the album following them and a worryingly high number of cover versions. Hopefully the re-arrival of Brix may stem any possible drying up, but it will take more than one album for the partnership to start producing classics again.

GC: Does the fact that Prolapse are often compared with The Fall annoy you?

TP: Any comparisons with other bands no matter who tend to get irritating after a while. I think I'm too familiar with The Fall's and Prolapse's music to judge how valid the press comparisons are. As far as it being early Fall, I'd rather be compared to Bend Sinister than Dragnet. Being compared to The Fall is much preferable however than Huggy Bear.

GC: Who else do you see as influences?

TP: Apart from The Fall, other major inspirations for Prolapse have been Stereolab, Th' Faith Healers and Joy Division, though not everyone in the band shares these. Stereolab are probably the only band we all rate.

GC: There can be a lot of tension visible on stage...

TP: We generally get on really well. Talking to other people in 'the biz' they are usually impressed at how united we are as a band. There are inevitable tensions within the band, but these are usually fairly transient and alcohol fuelled. I think everyone in the band appreciates each other's input equally, which is a very good thing. The gigs are often intense but there is a humorous side which helps to prevent things from boiling over.

GC: Is there anything that really annoys you about the music scene?

TP: I think the fickleness of the press is one of my biggest annoyances at the moment with bands like Supergrass being hailed as Britpop heroes, whilst bands like the Wonder Stuff and Kingmaker get laughed out of court. Personally I can't see the difference. Time until the Britpop backlash: two hours and counting. The other thing that really pisses me off is the lack of originality in today's bands, who generally don't possess an ounce of interest between them. Bland = successful. Interesting = obscure. I'm also pissed off that Prolapse aren't the biggest band on the planet.

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