Friday, 24 July 2009

The Prolapse live tapes

In 1996 the Information Service offered a total of ten live tapes for sale...

Charlotte's Legacy
6.12.94, LEICESTER, the Charlotte
Serpico/ Headless/ Space invaders/ Doorstop/ Visa/ Psychotic/ Matthew Stone
11.7.95, LEICESTER, the Charlotte
Dirge/ TCR/ Psychotic/ Flex/ Doorstop/ Headless/ Visa/ Screws

Catatonic Abrasions
31.12.95 NEW CROSS, Venue
Space invaders/ Ten bob/ Slabs / Pull thru/ Flex/ TCR/ Headless/ Coffee Break/ Visa/ Radiator

A Ridiculous Palaver
26.5.95 BULLE (CH), Ibullition
Space invaders/ PDF/ Doorstop/ Serpico/ Kilometrica banco/ Visa/ Psychotic/ Screws/ Flex/ Headless/ Matthew Stone/ Radiator

Strange Graffiti
27.5.95 BERNE(CH), Die Reitschule
Space invaders/ Psychotic/ Headless/ Flex/ Screws/ PDF/ Chill blow/ Visa/ / Matthew Stone/ Cormorant

Biomorphic Horror
5.7.95 SOUTHAMPTON, Joiners Arms
Dirge/ Psychotic/ Serpico/ Surreal Madrid/ Doorstop/ Headless/ Visa/ Flex

Beach Fatigue
4.11.95 BEDFORD, Esquires
Dirge/ TCR/ Black death/ Framen/ Pull thru/ Visa/ Zen nun deb/ Flex/ Headless

No Bullshit, Just Play
9.12.95 DORDRECHT (NL), Zweynzicht
Headless/ Black death/ Pull thru/ Tunguska/ Visa/ TCR/ Doorstop/ Flex/ Psychotic

Melting Anathesia (sic)
12.12.95 UTRECHT (NL), Theatre Kikker
Space invaders/ Tunguska./ Doorstop/ Headlless/ Serpico/ Visa/ TCR/ Flex

Transliterated Pudenda
14.12.95 HAMBURG (D), Heinz Kramer's Tanz Palast
Black death/ Screws/ Doorstop/ Tunguska/ Pile tent/ Headless/ Testation/ Visa/ TCR/ Flex/ Matthew Stone/ 6am Jullander Shere/ Eat Yourself Fitter/ Psychotic/ PDF/ Space invaders/ Radiator

Endless Obsession (2 tapes)
15.12.95 HAMBURG (D), Heinz Kramer's Tanz Palast
Flat velocity curve/ Serpico/ Framen/ Headless/ Bruxelles/ Pull thru/ Visa/ Tunguska/ Flex/ Autobahn/ Black death/ Cormorant/ "The ruby and diamond show"/ Mein minefield/ Psychotic/ Improv I/ Akin to the weasel/ Nag nag nag/ Improv II
12.8.95 LEICESTER, Abbey Park
PDF/ Serpico/ Headless/ Flex/ Visa


  1. Wow this brings back memories, as I recorded these (apart from the Abbey Park gig), named them, compiled the covers and copied them for Turk and the fan club :) Still have all the master tapes in the loft, as well as a few other gigs too.

    Barbie (former Prolapse roadie)

    1. Hi There I was in the band that supported them in Bedford. Can I get a copy of the tape? Did you record the support too? Thanks.

  2. Where can I get hold of any of them these days? - I'd love some live all the official releases.. and they played Brighton,which was cool..but I'd love to put my headphones on and have Prolapse take off the top of ma heed (soft southern bastard tries out some Scots slang heheh) again

  3. I would also love to hear these tapes....

  4. ...agreed, i totally missed the band when they were around and now i am obsessed by them! live recordings would be most welcomed.

  5. If anyone's on Dimeadozen, there are currently several Prolapse recordings up.

    Oxford 1997 (FM)
    Benicassim 1998 (FM)
    New York 1996 (AUD)
    Manchester 1997 (AUD)

    The hunt is on for more...