Thursday, 23 July 2009

T.C.R. - YouTube video and reviews

"After showing their more moody, experimental side with the Backsaturday album, Prolapse about turn to the pure blitzkrieg pop of TCR. Wonderous fuzzy, fluid basslines and stinging guitars propel the tune around Linda's demented, hurried vocal spit and Mick's spoken rant. As, usual the song pulls you all ways at once whilst being pinned by the best rhythm section around. Prolapse are dynamic, never failing to hit the spot with their caustic, spiteful and totally mesmerising music. A godsend."

- Totally Wired

"Mumbling incomprehensible boy, with screaming incomprehensible girl, whining guitars and driving bass make Prolapse's TCR song of the year? Could be! It's so wild and unusual, it demands to be replayed and replayed. And the flip side Irritating Radiator is quite an interesting experience, too.

Granted, the catchiness of the A-Side is not present, so there will be no song of the year honors here, but based on the nicely descriptive title, the characteristic of overflowing pop sensibility probably was not meant for it anyways."

- Scott Zimmerman

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