Thursday, 23 July 2009

Discography - Side Projects

* Cha Cha 2000

Autobahn 10" single (Lissy's liss 3)
Theme from Cha Cha 2000
John Cage Barleycorn

Cha Cha 2000 is Pat Marsden (guitar, mandolin, bodhran and flanger), Mick Derrick (vocals, chanter, vocoder, stylophone, spoons and space invaders), Mark Hibbett (bass and drum machine and co-writing of Theme from Cha Cha 2000), Ruth Po (accordian), and Jock Super8 (Indian keyboard).

* Cha Cha 2000. Tired Legs at the End of the Game, b/w Green and White by Trout. 7" vinyl tribute to Celtic (Flighted Miskick label, Flick 002).

* Ears Go FFF! 'Postoffice Cool Village' on a split single on Kooky records. Features Mick Harrison. Sounds like 'the Mary Chain recite Joe Meek'. The other side is '2 Aqua Manera' by Formula One, produced by Boo Radleys' Martin Carr and featuring Dave, ex-Cornershop.

* Ears Go FFF! 'Air Vent Telephone Vasectomy' on a split single on Sorted records. The other side is by the Fabians (srs012).
Notes: "It involved the noise of a car starting through various effects, the noise of a walkman waved over guitar pick-ups and good old fashioned French radio through delay. Last year at school, I had to write a statement of the year. Under the category 'things done out of school' most people wrote 'youth club' or 'football' while I wrote 'released a record of stupid noises that sold 300 copies'."
Chris, 15, Geordie Mick's nephew

* The Fourth Sorted ep (Sorted records). Ten-track ep featuring 'Deep Fried Chewits' by the Washing Up Liquid, another Prolapse spin-off.

* Morocco (Guided Missile). New Javelins, with vocals by Scottish Mick.

* The Inside Ov A Butcher's Shop (Out There records). Banking on Death (Carnage) with vocals by Scottish Mick.

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