Thursday, 23 July 2009

VOLUME 14, Reading 95 Special

Article from the 36-track Volume 14 CD and booklet (which included Move to Limit Slabs)

Those crazy Prolapse people have just completed a storming tour with Wales' finest Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. The band are currently between labels, as they say, but will release a mini-LP this October on the Lissy's imprint. A split single is also due (shared with Gorky's) on the Love Train label. [Sadly, it never happened.]

Volume: Do you ever think you're going mad?

Geordie Mick: Only when watching freeze-framed weasels.

Does God exist? If so, what does he look like?

Dave: Sixty foot weasel with wings.

Are you a good friend?

Pat: Not to people I don't like.

Do you drink red wine with fish?

Linda: I don't know any fish.

Can money buy you love?

Geordie Mick: Yes, also stoats, bags and shoes.

Do you know a good cure for hiccups?

Dave: Try breathing backwards.

Have you been or could you ever be corrupted?

Dave: No, but arrange a time and a place and I'll meet you.

Are you lonesome tonight?

Linda: What me? Don't you know who I am?

Whose language do you speak?

Geordie Mick: The Queen's English with a hint of Frog.

Do you think you'd recognise an alien if you saw one?

Dave: Yes they're noisy little metal things with four wheels.

Where are you now (at home, on tour, in a new band, a plumber?)

Pat: At home, on tour, in a new band at a plumber's house.

Did the West really win the Cold War?

Pat: Obviously, the former Eastern Bloc now has organised crime, McDonalds and ethnic cleansing.

Would you fight for your country?

Linda: No.

Is it better to smoke it or bong it?

Linda: I like the sound of a bong, it makes me think of dinner time.

Are jokers more interesting than winners?

Geordie Mick: Brian Conley is.

Do you believe in putting subliminals in your music?

Dave: We try to put subliminal messages in to attract completely, mad fans, and it normally works.

Do you believe in life after death?

Linda: I believe in death during life.

What is the happiest event you have ever witnessed?

Pat: 1995 FA Cup Final - Everton triumphant.

If your life could be something fictional, what would it be?

Geordie Mick: Withnail and I.

Pat: Are You Being Served (feature film).

Dave: Billy Liar.

How does it feel to be back in Memphis?

Geordie Mick: Like rubbing crab juice on Reg Varney.

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